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Sign Language Proficiency Interview in American Sign Language (SLPI:ASL) utilizes spontaneous, unrehearsed situations to measure real-world language proficiency scoring from No Function Skills to Superior Plus. The purpose of this interview is to measure what you are able to do with the language without the support of any translators, reference material, or assistance of any kind during the interview. Therefore, in order to continue with the test, please agree to the following guidelines and policies:

* I understand that no other than our Zoom recording is allowed. I will not use screen recording or screen capture apps/tools or messaging tools during the interview.

* I understand that I will not sign/or speak with anyone other than the proctor during the test or receive any advice or help from anyone during the interview.

* I understand that I will not use headphones, Air Pods, or such during the interview. I understand that I will not use sunglasses, any hat, or a baseball cap with a visor in the front of the face during the interview.

* I understand that I will not use violent, profanity, or inappropriate language during the interview.

*I understand that if I violate any of these rules, it may result in invalidating my test results and agreeing to these stated guidelines in the Test Take Guide.

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