Oregon 2022 Story Telling for Justice Online Digital Storytelling Project

OREGON DIGITAL STORYTELLING FOR JUSTICE is about Oregonians sharing stories from their own lives and communities, working with visual artists to help illustrate them, and learning to edit their stories as simple, short videos. The stories will address topics around social justice, collective liberation, and youth/community activism.

What is the Digital Storytelling Project All About?

Participants in the project will attend a six-week Online Digital storytelling Workshop (one, 1.5 to 2 hour evening meeting per week; schedule will be based on when the most participants can meet, between February and May).

In the workshop, participants will share personal stories and be guided through a hands-on participatory media and art-making process to produce these stories as short videos. They will also work collaboratively online with visual artists, who will contribute illustrations to the stories. Note: participants must be able to attend all six sessions, in order to be eligible for the project.

Who Can Apply?

If you are an Oregonian who is Deaf, DeafBlind, or Hard of Hearing who has a story to share about social justice, collective liberation, and youth/community activism, we want to work with you!

What Will I Get Out of Participating?

If you decide to attend, you will have the chance to reflect on your values and past experiences, share a meaningful story from your own life, build relationships with your fellow workshop participants and with the facilitators, engage in fun, hands-on media production activities to learn new skills, and help decide on strategies for sharing the stories in public settings, to educate people about social justice issues and advocate for solutions.

Interested? Please complete this simple, online form today. Participation forms due no later than Friday, March 4th. Limited number of participants will receive a $400 stipend upon completion of the workshop and their stories.

Please feel free to contact VOCA Advocate with Bridges Oregon with questions by email, sammi@bridgesoregon or call (971) 800-6250 VP.